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Turkey-Day Time Trial results

Thu, Nov  24, 2011 - By Mike Muha

There were a few slippery spots on the path but the weather was dry and cold for the pre-Turkey Dinner Time Trial organized by Daniel Yankus at Kensington Metropark this morning. The skiers met at the West Boat Launch Parking Lot, and warmed up by skiing counter-clockwise to the long bridge. Racers turned around at that point and raced clockwise around Kensington Metropark back to the long wooden bridge. (The time trial did not cross the frost-covered and treacherous bridge).


41:49  Doug Heady
43:38  Dan Yankus
45:50  Jon Morgan
47:14  Bill Kaltz
49:50  Rob Fairman

Danial Yankus, rollerski time trial organizer

Daniel Yankus

Rob Fairman rollerskiing

Rob Fairman

Doug Heady halfway around the rollerski time trial

Doug Heady

Bill Kaltz at the start of the roller ski time trial

Bill Kaltz