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A quest for the perfect water bottle belt, Part 6

Swix Camera Pack

Tue, Dec  13, 2011 - By Mike Muha


Sony DSC-H50 camera used to take cross country ski picturesThis belt is more of a specialty belt. My Sony DSC-H50 camera (right) is a little on the large size and doesn't fit into a normal water bottle belt. I need something with a bigger pocket to hold it.

I did not want some huge waist packet. Small is better - just big enough to hold the camera and a water bottle.

I found what I was looking for in the Swix Camera Pack. While it does the job (sort of), it left me wondering "Just what were they thinking????"

A few of these bags are still around, but I think the product is discontinued. Still, there are lessons to be learned.

Swix camera pack

The Swix Camera Pack has a large compartment next to a water bottle holder. The belt is of a stretchy material with Velcro closure.


Swix camera pack

Just what were they thinking with this belt design? Once I load in the camera and a full bottle, then pull the belt tight, there's less then two inches of Velcro to secure the belt. It feels very loose and wobbly - I worry the Velcro will give and the belt will fall. And when you try to rotate the belt to the front, the belt end rolls up under the belt.

Me? I now ignore the velcro and tie the two ends of the belt into a big knot. Much tighter fit. Much more confidence the belt will stay put. No bouncing of the belt.

If you wear the belt over a heavy jacket or are wider than me, the belt may not pose a problem for you. 

Swix camera pack

The compartment is roomy enough for my camera - just. But that's what I wanted. There are two zippers to close the pocket.

Swix camera pack

There is a soft top to the water bottle holster that tends to fold over and make the it more difficult to restore the bottle to the holster. There's a pull-tie to cinch the water bottle in. I'd rather have a stiff top that let's me put the water bottle in easier and ditch the cinch: I don't think I've every lost a water bottle out of any holster when I've fallen (on they VERY RARE occasions...).

Overall, it's a workable camera bag. If it had a normal belt, it would be much better.