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Brown and Vigland take Occupy Winter race

Sat, Dec  31, 2011 - By Jim Datsko

OCCUPY WINTER was number three in the up-north series of Flash Races. This one was held at Timber Ridge Nordic Resort in Traverse City and kept low-key like the others. No registration, bibs, classes, numbers, or timing. Just show up and do a 10K skate race for the fun of it. Over 40 winter occupiers participated but some didn’t bother checking in when finishing.

Occupy Winter cross country ski race

Eli Brown leads from the start. (Photos by Peter Bruning)
180 more photos HERE

The finish line results are about 98% accurate as some racers didn’t bother to call out their name at the finish line, some lost track of the number of laps to go after being lapped by the leader(s), and others became dizzy doing so many quick laps around the 1K Parade Loop that they skied an extra lap before realizing they were done. We apologize for any mis-spelled names.

VASA Pioneer Vojin Baic was the race starter, and Todd Vigland and myself recorded the finish line results as follows:

Occupy Winter cross country ski raceMales
1.   Eli Brown
2.   Milan Baic
3.   Andrew Bruning
4.   Jeff Koch
5.   John Goble
6.   Ryan Harris
7.   Glenn Goodman
8.   Tim Jenema
9.   Alex Vanias
10.  Scott Diment
11.  Scott Howard
12.  John O’Heru
13.  Ian Smith
14.  Steve Smiegel, Jr.
15.  Christian Bier
16.  Kip Knight
17.  Greg Worstnap
18.  Curt Peterson
19.  Chris Weingartz
20.  Robin Luce
21.  Larry Brown
22.  Steve Steffke
23.  Tony Percha
24.  Kyle Totterer
25.  Steve Smiegel, Sr.
26.  Steve Seager
27.  Aaron Lipp
28.  Joel ( or Joe)
29.  Craig Webb
30.  Ian Durrand
31.  Doug Endicott ( 11 laps)
32.  Scott Diamond
33.  Mark Smith ( 11 laps)
34.  Reed Goble (11 laps)

1.  Sue Vigland
2.  Kaitlyn Patterson
3.  Laura Webb
4.  Sarah Goble
5.  Gussie Peterson
6.  Nancy Briggs