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Kids learn to ski at Huron Meadows

Fri, Jan  6, 2012 - By Mike Muha

The REI Frosty Freestyle cross country ski race, Huron Meadows Metropark, and SELCRA (Southeastern Livingston County Recreation Authority) got together and offered local kids a chance to learn to Nordic Ski. For $55, kids would get three ski lesson, rental skis, and entry into the Kid's Race at the Frosty Freestyle.

Response was overwhelming for our first time effort - 45 kids signed up! We had to really scramble to get enough instructors to make sure the kids had fun and learned. Most of the instructors were from Team NordicSkiRacer, but SELCRA and Huron Meadows staff jumped in as well.

Kids learn to cross country ski at Huron Meadows

The first class was before Christmas. There was no snow. Much of the new kids ski equipment arrived too late for the class, so we were short skis and boots. Not to worry! We had an indoor session, dividing the kids into groups of three. Each group went through three stations:

  • First time equipment fitting
  • Learning how to put on skis and how to get up after a fall.
  • Learning some basic dryalnd ski moves.

All the kids had a blast! The parents were squirrelled away in a separate room to learn about skiing, safety, clothing and equipment. At the end of the adult class, many asked if they could take lessons, too.

Kids learn to cross country ski at Huron Meadows

The second class was this past Wednesday, the first after New Years. This time we had snow. It wasn't perfect, but the new snow making gun provide enough snow to set a track for a few hunderd meters, and there was enough snow on the normal trail system to ski as well.

Eight parents joined the fun. We ended up with four groups of kids and one of adults, with two instructors for each group of kids. Smiles everywhere!

Kids learn to cross country ski at Huron Meadows

There's one more class. Even though the weather calls for warming termperatures this weekend. the man-made snow should allow us to have another on-snow session. Then it's time to race the Frosty!

All pictures by Ken Grybe. See more picture by Ken!