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Toko 2012 US Nationals 20/30k Classic Report

2012 US Cross Country Championships

Tue, Jan  10, 2012 - By Ian Harvey

We tested and picked glide waxes for the classic event as was the plan as I anticipated that today's kick solution could be a demanding one. It did some freezing raining last night before they groomed. Still, the tracks got an ice glaze on them which made things a bit tricky this morning.

Torin, all by his lonesome - way to go!

Torin, all by his lonesome - way to go!

We tested kick waxes, straight base green, straight klisters, and klisters covered. Before qualifying, our best wax was Nordic Green Klister covered by Nordic Red Klister. It kicked better than straight Base Green binder, especially on the hard ice sections on the climbs. It glided better than Red Klister covered with Nordic Grip Red. It was our best wax this morning and was also used to success.

Caitlin Gregg givin' it!After qualifying, it got progressively colder, the wind blew a bit more, and the tracks dried out. The snow became more of a dry granular sugar. We rewaxed the test skis and checked it out again. This time the "Base Green Trick" was the best. This is where a short thick layer of Base Green Binder is applied, heated in, and smoothed. After it cools, add subsequent layers of Base Green trying to keep it as smooth as possible. Make the layers shorter working toward the middle. It is important to keep this application short - klister zone.

It was a great week. I was grateful for the super job Steve Bedard did testing and giving feedback. He is a new Rossignol (and Toko) Tech Rep for New England. I look forward to working with Steve in the future.

Also, a huge congratulations to all of the athletes, but especially to our Jessie Diggins and Torin Koos for taking 6 US national titles between them this year! (In somewhat bizarre fashion, Torin has been DSQed for "illegal contact" which took part early on in the race. Sorry to hear that, especially as he finished something like 50 meters in front of the next finisher)

Visit the official event page here to see more photos (Caitlin Gregg givin' it to the right, this page)