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A Message from the White Pine Stampede

Mon, Feb  6, 2006 - By White Pine Stampede

The 2006 White Pine Stampede proves one thing for sure: you don't need snow to hold a cross country ski event, just a bunch of crazy skiers who are starved for snow; they will ski on anything!

What a year and what a measure of our consistant success. Once again the loyal volunteers of the White Pine Stampede made all the difference. Bill Fleet, our chief of course, and his crew pulled together snow from somewhere and developed a track that exceeded all expectations, under the circumstances. Thanks to the volunteers most of all, and thanks to all of you who, with just as much loyalty, came to ski with us.

LOST AND FOUND: only two items remain: A Fischer ski bag and a matching pair of maroon gloves and head band. Contact our office at 231 587 8812 to claim.