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Vasa Trail Five- and Ten-Year planning process

Thu, Jan  12, 2012 - By Todd Vigland

A planning process for the Vasa Pathway kicked off in November to develop a 5 and 10-year management plan for the Vasa Pathway. The Vasa Pathway Task Force, composed of trail user groups and resource agencies, will develop a plan that identifies and prioritizes future improvements and ongoing maintenance. Work began in November 2011 and will continue in January to gather input from stakeholders. The information will be shared at a public meeting on Tuesday, February 28th (date and time to be announced). Additional public input will be sought at the Feb. 28 meeting.

We value the opinions of all users of the Trail. The following is an opportunity to submit direct input to this process. For your convenience, a survey is available through SurveyMonkey:

Thanks in advance for your valuable comments!