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Frosty Freestyle updates start times for tomorrow's race

Fri, Jan  13, 2012 - By Mike Muha

UPDATE Friday 1/1: The second snow gun is making a huge difference so we definitely have a race! We did not get as much natural snow as expected (but we can still hope) so we'll be racing laps on the kilometer-and-a-half loop.

To reduce congestion, we are dividing the race into multiple races starting a different times:

9:00am - Kids 5-11 race
10:30am - 5k Men's race (3 laps)
11:30am - 5k Women's race (3 laps)
12:30am - 10k Men's race (6 laps)
1:30pm - 10k Women's race (6 laps)


Men's 10k - if you are still on the course at 1:30pm (the women's start), you may continue to race. Just be aware that faster skiers have the right-of-way.

You'll notice we've dropped the distance in the long race from 15k to 10k. We figure it will be hard enough to keep track of 6 laps. Nine laps is just to hard to track when you're in oxygen debt!

We'll figure out the awards ceremony - we might do the 5k awards while the 10k skiers are racing - we'll post a schedule in the morning.