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WinterSonnenwende cancelled; New skate race at Hanson Hills

Michigan Cup: WinterSonnenwende

Tue, Feb  14, 2012 - By Mike Muha

The rescheduled WinterSonnenwende Classic race at Michaywé in Gaylord, MI, has been cancelled because of poor snow condtions. Chris Dandeneau indicated that there was too much changing of the course that would have to be done, including avoiding limited snow areas on paved cart paths and other problems that they just do not have the time, the snow or the means to accomplish what would need to be done.

Hanson Hills have gratiously stepped up to the plate and will host a skating race on Saturday. Justin Andre says, "Race will be 12-15K… Registration will be $20. Overall Male and Female Awards (no age group awards given short notice)." This will be a Michigan Cup points race.

Hanson Hills is still planning on a classic race on Sunday if they can set a track.