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Four More Start Prohibitions

2006 Torino Olympics

Fri, Feb  10, 2006 - By FIS

Pragelato, 10th Feb, 2006 - On the third day of the FIS pre-competition blood testing programme applicable to all Cross-Country and Nordic Combined Athletes prior to their first competition at the XX Olympic Winter Games, the following four athletes have today been issued with a start prohibition for five consecutive days due to too high haemoglobin values:

Start prohibition Feb 10 - 14, 2006

  • Alen Abramovic (CRO), male
  • Pavel Korosteljev (RUS), male
  • Nikolai Pankratov (RUS), male
  • Robel Teklemariam (ETH), male

These Athletes are in addition to the eight Athletes that received a start prohibition on 9th February, 2006:

Start prohibition Feb 9 - 13, 2006

  • Sean Crooks (CAN), male
  • Sergey Dolidovich (BLR), male
  • Jean Marc Gaillard (FRA), male
  • Aleksandr Latsukin (BLR), male
  • Natalia Matveeva (RUS), female
  • Kikkan Randall (USA), female
  • Evi Sachenbacher (GER), female
  • Leif Zimmermann (USA), male

It should be emphasized that this start prohibition is not a sanction, but is considered to serve to protect the health of the Athlete. Consequently, no disciplinary measures will be taken. So far, 281 Athletes have been tested. The total number of Cross-Country and Nordic Combined Athletes participating in the XX Olympic Winter Games is approximately 330 and 63, respectively.