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Men's 30K Pursuit

2006 Torino Olympics

Sun, Feb  12, 2006 - By Mike Muha

Russia's Eugeni Dementiev won the men's 30-km pursuit race in the cross-country skiing at the Turin Winter Olympics on Sunday, passing Frode Estil of Norway and Piller Cottrer of Italy in the final seconds. The three finishers were within one second of each other at the finish line, after over an hour of racing.

Dementiev's time was 1:17:00.8.

Estil recovered from a fall at the start, then worked his way through the field of 77 racers to take the silver.

US Skiers?

Carl Swenson was the first American, finishing 40th in 1:21:08.0. Close behind were Andrew Johnson and James Southham in 43rd and 44th with times of 1:21:16.8 and 1:22:05.8. Lars Flora was 49th in 1:22:31.2.

Complete results: Men's 30K Pursit.


 Russia's Dementiev reacts after winning the men's 30km pursuit cross country race in Pragelato © Reuters 


 Norway's Estil causes a crash at men's cross country race during Winter Olympic games in Pragelato © Reuters