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Some Photos from the 2006 North American Vasa


Tue, Feb  14, 2006 - By Pete Edwards

50K Men's Freestyle champs (L to R): Joe Bettendorf, Justin Easter, Joseph Graci 

50K Men's Classic champs (L to R): Dick Fultz, Mark Wold, and Thomas Dvoratcheck 


27K Men's Freestyle champs (L to R): Ryan Halstead, Christian Byer, and Tom Brian 


12K Women's Freestyle Champs (L to R): Jessie Hemming, Hanna Ciesle, and Emily Westerman


 12K Men's Freestyle champs (L to R): Ross Williams, Jesse Smith, and Elliot Putman 

50K winner Justin Easter, meet 12K winner Jesse Smith 

John Kostrzewa, Coach of the Year!