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Randall, Wagner 10th in Team Sprint

2006 Torino Olympics

Tue, Feb  14, 2006 - By US Ski Team

PRAGELATO, Italy (Feb. 14) - The cross country duo of Kikkan Randall (Anchorage, AK) and Wendy Wagner (Park City, UT) finished 10th in the Olympic Team Sprint Monday, marking the first time U.S. women have made finals in a top international contest. Chris Cook (Rhinelander, WI) and Andy Newell (Shaftsbury, VT) did not advance out of the semifinals.

Anna Dahlberg and Lina Andersson of Sweden took gold, while the silver medal went to Canada’s Sara Renner and Beckie Scott. Finland’s Aino Kaisa Gjomle and Marit Bjorgen earned the bronze.

Cook and Newell were unable to advance beyond the semifinals, where they finished seventh. Cook was a replacement for Torin Koos (Leavenworth, WA), who has been sick.

It was the debut of the Team Sprint at the Olympics. The Individual Sprint was added to the 2001 World Championships schedule and debuted at the '02 Olympics, while the Team Sprint was an official event at the 2003 Worlds.

Each skier runs a total of three laps in Classic technique (1.4km per lap for the men, 1.2km per lap for the women), alternating laps with eachother until six are complete.

Prior to the mass start, the field is divided into two groups. The top-five teams from each group, according to time, advance to the finals.


Ladies' Team Sprint
Men's Team Sprint