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Stokely Creek 15K Nordic Time Trial

Upcoming Race

Mon, Feb  20, 2006 - By Kathy Conway

If you've ever skied Stokely Creek Resort you know what a unique Wilderness trail system it contains.  Comprising 110K within the hills of the Algoma highlands one can ski long loops where it is common to see wolf and moose tracks along the trails.  Located just east of Lake Superior in the snow belt, it is truly a magical place to ski.  One can ski for a week and not cover all the trails.  On Saturday Feb 25 Stokely will host a 15K time trial.  This is a special opportunity to race on wilderness trail in conditions that are among the best in the region and even  North America.  Your race entry of $25 Canadian includes all day skiing on the Stokely system, a hot lunch, and entry into the raffle of nearly 40 desirable prizes. Top prizes in each Classic / Freestyle race are one day/one night at the resort.  Our sponsor again this year is the Cross Country Ski Shop in Grayling Michigan. Please stop in on your way up and to Stokely and shop around. 

The race course is rolling punctuated by three moderate climbs and one long climb. Classic racers will start first in 30 second intervals followed by freestyle.  The race course is wide enough so that the racers will have ample room to pass.   Current conditions at Stokely are excellent with a deep base.
As a resort Stokely offers guests an all inclusive package that includes a healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Dinner is served family style each evening.  Guests ski out the door and have wax room on site.   Rooms vary in price to the inexpensive ski hut and day skiers lodge to the moderately priced lodge rooms to the more luxurious Peter Calm Chalet.   Considering the expense and inconvenience of traveling to restaurants the resort is very convenient, more relaxing and not as expensive as the one price would suggest.  Additionally, meals at Stokely are more delicious and healthier than local restaurants.

[See Curt Peterson's video on the descent down the other side of that "one long climb"...]