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Strait Striders Lead into Relays

Fri, Mar  17, 2006 - By Ken Dawson

With the relays fast approaching and the close battle between Strait Striders and Ski Headquarters, the final results will come down to the relays.  Although Nordic Ski Racer may have to concede the cup this year, they can gain satisfaction that they will have a say into who wins the relays and the cup.  Yvon Dufour, who magically put together a combination of teams that captured 4 of the relay divisions, is working his magic again this year. The Striders and Headquarters better be concerned with matching up to an NSR team that is not going to go down without a fight. 

It was last year that the number one team from NSR defeated the invincible team from TC that included Cliff, Milan and Bill Brundage.  TC’s defeat was so devastating that Brundage left the team and Cliff will not show up for this years relays. 

During this past week I received numerous emails regarding some clarifications in the scoring that has resulted in modifications to the points. Those that contacted me were very appreciative of the scoring effort and I was very pleased to know the how many people were passionate about Micup.   It proves that with the aide of Mike Muha’s great website and you the skiers, who makeup the Micup racing series, have a special thing going. 

Keep up the great tradition.

The current team standings are:

SS – 23,395
CCSH – 23,073
NSR – 21,919
GRNST – 18,876
TNSC – 17,495
CCSS – 15,501
OHIO – 4,440
If you happen to add your points and come up with a different no., remember that we score only the top 30 from each team. After that each person that does a race will get credited 1 point for each race they do.  There are no limits to the number of skiers or races. 

This year the team with the most bonus points (included in team totals) is Cross Country Ski Headquarters with 87pts. Followed by Straits Striders with 56 points and NordicSkiRacer with 23 pts.

Revised Standings (62 Kb PDF)

Ken Dawson