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How to Survive if You Fall Through the Ice


Mon, Mar  27, 2006 - By Mike Muha

As Bob Frye from the Cross Country Ski Headquarters recently posted, lake skiing can be great this time of the year:

"Where can you find 10,000 acres of great Spring Skiing? Try Higgins Lake, with the small amount of fresh snow on the ice the X-C Skiing is very good, it is really good along the shore!"

Now we know that you would NEVER go out on iffy ice, but just in case you make a mistake, here's a great video on what do if you fall through the ice. Lexanne Creitz found this Discover Channel Canada video - It may take a while to load (be patient!), but it is well worth the wait and your time to view the clip if you go on ice for work or recreation reasons.

Highly recommended.