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2006 Great Lakes Marathon Series Pin Winners

Michigan Cup

Fri, May  5, 2006 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Even though lack of snow and high temperatures hampered the first two Great Lakes Marathon Series races, some 54 skiers skied in three of the four races of the Great Lakes Marathon Series. The four marathons that comprise the Great Lakes Marathon Series are the Noquemanon Ski Marathon skied from Ishpeming to Marquette, the White Pine Stampede in Mancelona, the North American Vasa in Traverse City and the Great Bear Chase in Calumet.

Thirty-four skiers earned Gold Pins signifying completion of at least three marathon distances. Twenty-one skiers earned Silver Pins denoting completion of any three races in either the long or short distances.

The Founders Club is down to seven skiers that have received a GLMS pin each of the first nine years of the Great Lakes Marathon Series. A total of 35 races have been run in those nine years and Bob West is the only skier to have completed at 35 of those races and each time at the marathon distance. He is followed by Fred Mills with 34 marathons, Maria Iwaniec with 33 marathons and Randy Kessler with 31 marathons. Lynne Witte has a total of 30, 23 marathons and 7 half marathons. Kevin Kelly has nine gold pins with 28 marathons and Mike Schaeffer has 28 completions, 14 marathons and 14 half-marathons. Congratulations all of the 2006 pin winners and most of all to the seven remaining founders whose dedication ad perseverance is the true meaning the SISU.

  Name Marathon Half Marathon Total
1 Bob West 35 0 35
2 Fred Mills 34 0 34
3 Maria Iwaniec 33 0 33
4 Randy Kessler 31 0 31
5 Lynne Witte 23 7 30
6 Kevin Kelly 28 0 28
7 Mike Schaeffer 14 14 27
Founders are skiers who have received a GLMS pin in each of the first nine years of the GLMS. There have been a total of 35 races in 9 years. Skiers are ranked by number of races, most kilometers skied, and lowest cumulative time of completion.

Great Lakes Marathon Series Pins are being mailed out this week to the following Gold and Silver pin winners:

  Skier Class Noquemanon
Ski Marathon
White Pine
1 Bettendorf, Joe M25 50C   50F 50F
2 Bolton, Todd M30 50K 50F 50F  
3 Borgnes, Arne M70 50K 50KC 50C  
4 Brumbaugh, Ernie M55 50KC 50KF 28KF 50F
5 Camp, Don M50 50K 50F 50F  
6 Deegan, Jack M35 50K 50F 50F  
7 Drysdale, Ray M60 50K 50C 50C  
8 Fedrigon, Don M45 50K 50F 50F  
9 Gralla, Ben M50 51C 50C 50C  
10 Iwaniec, Maria F55 50K 50F 50F 50F
11 Johnson, Max M55 50K 50F 28F 50F
12 Johnson, Peter M60 50K 50F 50C 50F
13 Kelly, Kevin M50 50K 50F 50F  
14 Kessler, Randy M50 50K 50F 50F 50F
15 Kissner, Tom M45 50F   50F 50F
16 Kopanda, Bill M50 50F   50F 50F
17 Kowitz, Fred M50 50F   50F 50F
18 Kuhl, Stephen M25 50K 50F 50F  
19 Menet, Luke M25 50K 50F 50F  
20 Mills, Fred M50 50K 50F 50F 50F
21 Moore, Joel M45 50K 50F 50F  
22 Neier, Rick M40 50K 50C 50C  
23 Nolan, Daniel M50 50K 50F 50F  
24 Roth, Ken M40 50K 50C 50C  
25 Seager, Steve M45 50K 50F 50F  
26 Seaman, Michael M40 50K 50F 50F  
27 Shepard, Jeffery M55 50K 50F 50F  
28 Smigiel, Stephen M35 50K 50F 50F 50F
29 Smith, Robert M30 50K 50F 50F  
30 Sturtevant, John M70 50K 50F 50F  
31 Todd, Dell M35 50K 50F 50F  
32 Van Dam, Steve M55 50K   50F 50F
33 West , Bob M50 50K 36K 50K 50K
34 Witte, Lynne F50 50K 50F 50C  


  Skier Class Noquemanon
Ski Marathon
White Pine
1 Acker, Kim M55 50K 20KC 28C  
2 Alleva, Dennis M50 50K 20F 50F  
3 Atkins, Dave M45   50F 28F 50F
4 Blaine, Steven M40 50C   28C 28C
5 Brian, Tom M30 50K 50F 28F  
6 Dvoratchek, Thomas M30 50C   50C 26C
7 Ganser, William M55 50K 50F 28F  
8 Gossett, Jack M60 25F 20F 28F  
9 Gregg, Robert M60 25F   28F 26F
10 Halstead, Ryan M18 50K 20F 28F  
11 Kostrezewa, Amy F45 50K 20C 28C  
12 Mueller-Brumbaugh, Carole F50 25KC 50C 28C  
13 Powell, Amy F35 50K 20F 50F  
14 Reis, Lee M55 50K 50F 28C  
15 Schaeffer, Micheal M55 50K 20C 28F  
16 Stevenson, Gwenn   24K 20K 28K  
17 Stevenson, Marvin M70 24K 20K 28K  
18 Sutter, Tom M55 50K 20F 28F  
19 Tarnow, Micheal M55 50K 20F 50F  
20 Van Dam, Jean F55 25F   50F 50F
21 Woodburne, Jim M65 50K 20F 28F