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2006 CXC Coach's Symposium Recap

Wed, May  24, 2006 - By Bryan Fish

The 2006 CXC Coach’s Symposium brought a large group of coaches from around the Midwest as far away as Traverse City and Detroit, MI. Coaches received a great amount of information on basic principles of exercise physiology and sports training, physiology of strength training and developing strength programs, teaching methods of ski technique and basic principle of technique for classic and skate, and the science of waxing tips and techniques.

All attending coaches also participated in the CXC Coach’s Summit which was consisted of an introduction of all CXC Programs and CXC Ski Team and a discussion of SWOT analyses.

“It’s a great opportunity to get together for coaches around the region. You always learn something new now matter what your coaching level. Clinics like this can help others to discover good ideas”, commented several coaches at the summit.

SWOT Analysis 2006


  1. Growing numbers of participants at all levels (youth, junior, senior, master/citizen)
  2. Ability to use other successful structured programs as an example
  3. Public relations contact list and outreach
  4. Effort is put in coach’s education
  5. Developing coach’s certification program
  6. CXC Ski Team


  1. Teaching
  2. Incentive for master/citizen skiers to get involved
  3. Balance between FUN and success
  4. Direct contact of High School coaches
  5. Web site manager (news, updates, results, pictures, etc)
  6. Training system for all levels is not in place
  7. Giving back to community by elite athletes
  8. Visibility of CXC around the region


  1. Provide more specific topics at the symposium(based on age level, teaching technique, etc.) Sample: track and field conference. Must be something for everyone.
  2. Involve with Master/Citizen skiers membership
  3. Communication
  4. Present CXC Team athletes as role models (photos, blogs, updates, etc)
  5. Variety of topics in the Coach’s Newsletter (nutrition, living right, psychology, etc)
  6. Proven grant program for junior programs in need
  7. To work with High School Associations on race organization and coach’s education
  8. Opportunity to understand the needs of each group


  1. Low financial support for lower level of the athlete’s development pyramid
  2. High School programs vs USSA programs
  3. USSA and CXC can be seen as a threat not a resource
  4. Perception of CXC as an elite skiing program only
  5. What is CXC?

Please contact Bryan Fish (CXC Ski Team Head Coach) with your comments, suggestions or questions on this year’s SWOT –