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Killer Pull-Ups, Brutal Sprints and a Nap for a Ski Champ

Tue, May  15, 2012 - By Matthew Futterman, Wall Street Journal

Great article in the Wall Street Journal today by Matthew Futterman (photos by Mark Meyer) about Kikkan Randall:

Her regimen is a brutal, six- (sometimes seven) day-a-week mix of roller skiing, biking, running and strength training. Pull-ups are a fairly unpleasant experience for most humans, but the ones Ms. Randall does resemble a form of medieval torture. She straps on a belt with a chain dangling from it and attaches a 60-pound weight to it. Or she'll pull herself up with such power that she is able to clap her hands above the bar and then grab it to slowly lower herself. Eight is her record. "There's nothing that makes you feel more hard core than strapping on a belt and attaching a big weight to it," she says.

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