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The Best Little Trail in Ohio & Michigan When Weather is Bad!

Wed, Feb  20, 2002 - By Jeff Ray

As many of you know Toledo is God's joke to deter human beings from being able to train properly.

University Parks Trail...(Rollerskiing Friendly)

When it snows a little you are truly screwed in Michigan in order to Rollerski.  "Almost All the Trails" are half covered in snow and ice or, as many of you know in the Brighton Area, they are covered in violent amounts of gravel & mud.

Not Enough to Ski... To Much To Rollerski

Solution: The Toledo Trail offers a trail that is rotary brushed daily and salted extensively....No Fuss, No Bleeding -

Great for the in-between times.

*All I can say is I'm Glad I use V2 Aero's on Michigan's poorly maintained Trails (excluding Kensington)...

[See the rollerski trail listing for more info about the University Parks Trail. Jeff can be found rollerskiing on his V2 Aero's in the summertime at Island Lake State Park, over toward Wixom, and up the dirt roads to Milford to Starbuck's. So he doesn't always stay in Ohio...]