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CXC Announces Regional Training/Testing Camp

Mon, Jun  5, 2006 - By Scott Wilson

Central Cross Country Ski Association (“CXC Skiing”) is pleased to announce the 2006 Regional Training/Testing Camp for CXC Ski Team, Regional Development Group, State Development Groups, and past year’s Junior Olympians.

Athletes not qualifying for these groups may petition in to the camp by writing Yuri Gusev at  with their top 3 results from last season and a short statement of why this petition should be accepted.

“This camp is the highlight of the summer training for the top athletes in the region. It has always been a very successful camp. This year we already have top athletes and coaches in the region and in the country committed to be at the camp, including U-23 World Championship Team members, Junior Olympic medallists, U.S. Ski Team Head Coach Pete Vordenberg and CXC Ski Team Head Coach Bryan Fish”, commented Yuriy Gusev (CXC Skiing Chief Executive Officer)


Camp will take place on July 2-8 at Cresthill Resort, Hayward WI.


During the camp athletes will perform following activities:

  • Strength Assessment
  • Endurance Assessment
  • VO2/CO2 Testing (aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, intensity zones, etc.)
  • And other training activities (technique, distance, strength training, etc.)


July 2 (Sunday) – 10:00AM Arrival & VO2/CO2 testing
July 3 (Monday) – Distance run
July 4 (Tuesday) –3km time trial (track)
July 5 (Wednesday) – Strength Assessment
July 6 (Thursday) –Distance training (rollerski skate)
July 7 (Friday) – Distance training (rollerski classic)
July 8 (Saturday) – Rollerski skate time trial and departure


$100 – Regional Development Group
$250 – State Development Group & Midwest/Great Lakes Junior Olympic Team members
$400 – Petitioned Athletes

Please visit to find registration info.

Congratulations to the State Development Group athletes and Midwest/Great Lakes Junior Olympic Team members for their achievements and athletic excellence!

State Development Groups

State Development Groups are integral part of the CXC Ski Athlete’s Development Ladder and critical for development of junior athletes, especially at the younger age.

Criteria: Top ten returning State High School Championship skiers from each state plus J2 skiers qualified to Junior Olympic Teams.

State Development Group for 2006-2007


Reid Lutter 


Joe Dubay
Luke Busta
Leif Nordren
Alex Reich
Sam Newcomer
Jens Brabbit
Zac Clark
Mason Bacso
Andew Tillman
Tim Cheesebro
Hans Nygren
Andy Keller
Roman Morris


Karen Cook 


Kyle Fredrickson
Matt Pierce
Birken Schimpff
Zeke Fashingbauer
Jeff Cook
John Grossi


Mike Young


Kyle Endicott
Keith Helminen
Tom McFadden
Anders Nienstaedt
Elliot Putman
Jesse Smith
Brendan Baic
Joe Gougeon
Kai Sharp


Addie Byrne
Carolyn Freeman
Maddy Wendt
Jill Smith
Lindsey Marshall
Meghan Cornwall
Stepahnie LaFrance
Kalie Mix
Danielle Berndt
Libby Ellis
Annie Demlow
Kristen Eklin



Molly Burger
Eileen Burke
Melanie Hoffman
Corrine Malcolm
Joanna Pace
Laura Koch



Mariah Featherly
Kirsten Fjeldheim
Catarina Gulledge
Christina Mishica
Katie Holway
Ruth Oppliger
Olivia Orr
Madelyn Shoup



Central Cross Country Skiing (“CXC Skiing”) is recognized by the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (“USSA”) as the sole Regional Organization governing cross country skiing in the 10 state Central Region of the United States. CXC Skiing provides an organization which enables athletes, coaches and officials to achieve excellence in cross country skiing through: EDUCATION, COOPERATION, COMMUNICATION, and COMPETITION. CXC Skiing oversees youth programs; supports the Junior Olympic Qualifying system, Central Collegiate Ski Association, and Senior/Master skiing; provides athletes’, coaches’ and officials’ education; coordinates competitions; and is the Midwest pipeline to the US Ski Team. CXC is a 501c3 non profit corporation and gratefully accepts tax deductible donations for program enhancement from all sources.