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Boyne Highlands XC Gets Web Site, Improvements

Fri, Jan  30, 2004

The Highlands recently completed the first year of a two to three year trail expansion and improvement program that will catapult Boyne Highlands into rankings among some of the best cross country ski trails in the country. With expert logger Ken Myles from the Firewood Depot in Cheboygan, Boyne Highlands is working towards sustainable forestry while aesthetically developing the trails. Upon completion, their trails will be up to 24' in width (that's 24 feet, not inches!), of FIS quality, and allow for large machine grooming. Close to 35 kilometers of trails are groomed for classic and skating.

Recently, Boyne Highlands XC Manager David Austin was able to get cross country ski pages added to the Boyne Highlands web site. The main Cross Country Center page includes current trail conditions and links to a trail map. Many other downhill resort web sites typically contain no information about their cross country trails.

David has put on several great Michigan Cup races. On March 13 and 14, David will hold the annual Boyne Highlands Festival - two days of racing, prizes, food, and fun. Highly recommended.

It's great to see a very active XC Manager promoting quality skiing in the lower peninsula.