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Are you racing at the Black Mountain Classic, 3/6?

Wed, Feb  4, 2004

Race Director Denny Paul writes:"I have been trying to get together a shirt order for the Black Mountain Nordic Classic 30km race on March 6th. As you can imagine, coming up with a fairly accurate number of shirts to order and amount of food to have prepared for the luncheon is an extreme challenge since most will likely register the day of the race.  I was wondering if you could post a note to have persons who will likely be racing to e-mail me with their shirt size. This will still be inaccurate but it will at least give us some idea of how many racers to expect."
Send a message to Denny - with your t-shirt size - to (Remove the "NOSPAM from the address before you send. And, yes, there are two "L"s in "Paull").