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Michigan Cup Goes International!

Michigan Cup 2007

Wed, Aug  9, 2006 - By Mike Muha

The Michigan Cup Committee unanimously accepted a proposal by the Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club to hold a Michigan Cup race in Sault St. Marie, Ontario during the weekend of February 17-18, 2006. The club has also volunteered to act as an alternative venue should the lower peninsula experience low snow conditions early in the season.

Says Ernie Brumbaugh, head of the Michigan Cup Committee, "The idea of including the Soo Finnish Ski Club in the Michigan Club passed unanimously and very enthusiastically. Your reputation is and has always been excellent. I have been going to your races for 30 years and know very well that your group knows how to put on an excellent race. Plus the idea of Canadian competition was well received."

The Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club was also invited to enter a team into the Michigan Cup Series.

Discussions are underway to determine race format. Initial thoughts are to have two races over the weekend if that would attract more skiers. There is also a possibility of dong individual starts.

Jim Mihell from the Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club says, "From the perspective of skiers from north of the border, this race will provide exposure for the Michigan Cup to skiers such as those from Timmins, North Bay, Sudbury, etc., who would not normally have an opportunity to find out what the Michigan Cup is all about. We’ll be doing our best to market ourselves such that the entry list truly does reflect an international flavour".

The United States’ Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative will not be requiring passports for US or Canadian travelers who cross land borders until 2008 (see Skiers crossing the border will only require a proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate for 2007.

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