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Nathan Schultz Launces Boulder Nordic Sports, Partners with Engineered Tuning

Fri, Aug  11, 2006 - By Boulder Nordic Sports

Natron Nordic Enterprises, LLC announced today its expansion into retail cross-country ski equipment sales and service with the launch of Boulder Nordic Sport (BNS).  Owner leveraged his experience in the industry to develop key strategic partnerships that establish Boulder Nordic Sport as a leading resource for world-class advice, equipment, fitting and ski service. Boulder Nordic Sport is accepting ski orders and stone grinding business immediately, and will launch its full-scale on-line retail operation September 15 at October 14 will mark the grand opening for the retail location in Boulder Cycle Sport at 4580 Broadway in Boulder, Colorado.

“Expanding into equipment and ski service has been a dream of mine for many years and the time is finally right to go for it” said Schultz.  “I have been lucky to cultivate relationships with the Shamans of the cross-country ski world during my racing career and I am honored that this group of experts is sharing their experience and passion for the sport with us.  I can’t wait to get started and show people how having the world-class support of a Nordic-only specialty shop increases their enjoyment of the sport.”

Schultz’s experience with equipment, racing, coaching and ski camps is complemented by a strong list of industry leaders who have contributed expertise to help the new venture launch quickly in a highly technical industry.  Engineered Tuning of West Townshend, is a key partner, sharing its industry-leading stone grinding and ski selection technologies.  BNS’s ski service will be named “Engineered Tuning West” and the two companies will collaborate on future research and development.  BNS has purchased two Tazzari stone-grinding machines and Engineered Tuning will receive Tazzari’s newest and most advanced machine in September, enabling the partners to push research into new areas.

Engineered Tuning’s owner, Zach Caldwell commented, “I'm really pleased with this partnership. Nathan and I developed a mutually beneficial relationship working on his ski fleet as a member of the FSx team. I came away with some great feedback and insight into the viability of some new structures. Nathan is a true student of the sport, and his skills and strengths complement mine well. We're really well positioned geographically to serve the entire country without stepping on each other's toes, and by working together on R&D we'll both benefit - which means the entire ski racing community will benefit. As partners we're tough to beat!”

BNS is working with Podium Custom Footwear of Westminster, Colorado to develop a world-class boot fitting program.  Podium has provided custom orthotics and footwear for top athletes including Lance Armstrong. “We are excited to share their expertise to help our clients in what is our most important interface with the snow,” said Schultz.  Podium will set up boot-fitting stations and train BNS staff in advanced fitting techniques.  Podium will also work with clients to provide custom orthotics for the highest level of performance and for help correcting injuries and foot issues.

Boulder Nordic Sport’s retail location will be hosted by Boulder Cycle Sport October 14 through March 10 at 4580 Broadway in in 2005 by Bicycle Retailer Magazine and will share its successful, modern space in the new Uptown Boulder neighborhood.  “Nordic skiing complements our experience and knowledge in cycling with a great cross-over activity for winter,” said Brandon Dwight, BCS owner.  “ really needs a dedicated Nordic resource and we are excited to have Boulder Nordic Sport joining us during the winter.”

Information about Boulder Nordic Sport, its products and its services is available at, via email to or by phone at 720.227.9400.