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Women Earn More Points in the 2007 Michigan Cup

Tue, Sep  5, 2006 - By Mike Muha

In recognition of the increased number of women racing in the Michigan Cup,  scoring in the Senior/Master Women’s division races will begin at either 200 or 150 points (for the short race in a freestyle marathon) for first and go down by 4 points per place. Previously the subsequent places went down by 5 points per place.

Scoring for 2007 is as follows:

Number of
finishers receiving points, by division
Points received, by finish

Top 200 Men 1st=200, 2nd=199...200th=1

Top 51 Women 1st=200, 2nd=196...51st=4

Top 40 Juniors
(age 13-19)
1st=200, 2nd=195...40th=5

Thescoring system starts at 200 points each for the overall winners in the Men's, Women's, andJunior classes. All Senior and Master racers are combined on one scoring scale with noseparate system for age classes.

Because the great majority of competitors are Senior andMaster Men, the scoring starts at 200 points for first, then drops by one point for eachsubsequent place, i.e., 199 for second, 198 for third, all the way down to 1 point for 200thplace.

In the Women's classes, the scoring drops by 4 points for each subsequent place, i.e., 200 for first, 196 for second, down to 4 points for 51st place.

In the Juniors' classes, the scoring drops by 5 points for each subsequent place, i.e., 200 for first, 195 for second, down to 5 points for 40th place.

Eachskier's points are totaled for their 5 best races to determine their final overall ranking. Rankings are determined as follows:

Individual: The skier's best 5 racescores are added to determine their Michigan Cup Ranking. This ranking determines a skier'soverall and age group placing in the Michigan Cup Series. Pins are awarded based on theserankings.

Classical, Freestyle and Combined:

  • Classical Rankings are determined by askier's best three classical races.

  • Freestyle Rankings are determined by askier's best four freestyle races.

  • Combined Rankings are determined by askier's best classical, freestyle and marathon race.

Marathons are the designated age group race atthe Noquemanon,  White Pine Stampede and Vasa. Marathons count only as "marathons," notclassical or freestyle categories. There are no awards in Classical, Freestyle, or Combinedranking. Final results are distributed to the clubs, posted on the website and mailed toregistered Michigan Cup racers.