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CXC Ski Team Races in Lake Placid, NY


Tue, Sep  26, 2006 - By CXC Skiing

CXC Ski Team athletes recently competed in a National level rollerski skate race on the rolling roads near the US Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY. This race was the culmination of a 2 week CXC Ski Team training camp along with US Ski Team, Sun Valley Ski Team and other top athletes from around the country.

Brian Gregg was the top CXC Ski Team athlete in the men’s race, finishing in 11th place, 1 min 33 sec behind the leader Kris Freeman and ahead of Andrew Johnson and Torin Koos of US Ski Team.

“It was a fun race with many top skiers in attendance.  I felt good, especially during the final climb.  I am definitely looking forward to this coming season,” commented Brian Gregg after the race.  

Caitlin Compton was 4th as the top CXC Ski Team athlete in the women’s event with Laura Valaas right on her heels in 5th.

After the race, Caitlin said, “I feel like everything is on track. Our training has been extremely solid and everyone is getting stronger and faster each month. We had a great opportunity to compete as a team for the first time today in a great atmosphere! I am looking forward to the upcoming season and to the continued success of the entire CXC Team and our program.”

“I was timing and was able to witness most of the women's event. I had to watch the men’s event from the finish line.  There was a break of 4 athletes in the women’s event at the beginning including Caitlin and Laura.  Caitlin made a gutsy move and led the event from approximately 1.5 km until the last climb.  It has been great witnessing Laura’s progression over the past four weeks.  The CXC men’s team finished very respectively among the best in this country,” reported Bryan Fish, CXC Ski Team Head Coach.

“It is very exiting to see athletes and the team finally in action. The race season is only a couple of months away and the team is getting into the final stage of the preparation. The CXC Team atmosphere is great and athletes are getting great support. This CXC Team program has been a great success for us so far this season. We will use a similarly energetic model for other programs for youth, coaches and masters,” said Yuriy Gusev, CXC Chief Executive Officer and CXC Ski Team manager.

See a cool video of the race here. Full results are here.