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TeamToday: Juggling Life to Win Olympic Medals

Tue, Oct  10, 2006 - By Mike Muha

Team Today was created by the athletes of the US cross-country team as a means to raise the level of ski racing in the US to medal winning heights. By creating and running this organization themselves, the athletes benefit directly. This fundraising effort will provide the necessary means for America’s best athletes to prepare to win Olympics medals. 

Team Today serves to share, inform and inspire – so as to spread the cross-country ski racing bug and educate its practitioners thereby raising the level of ski racing across the US.

In a similar manner,'s major purpose is to share, inform and inspire the ski racer, whether it be a first time racer or an experienced pro. A typical NordicSkiRacer is juggling work, family, training and racing - just as an elite ski racer is juggling time, money, fundraising, training, and racing. Each is struggling to overcome barriers in life or balance all the necessities.

Together, the two sites provide the visitor a unique opportunity to look under the covers and see what's it takes to train, race, and have a life. has graciously provided it's content to NordicSkiRacer to republish on the web site. We hope that getting out the content to as many people as possible will help TeamToday accomplish its goals and inspire those of us who can only dream of being an elite skier.

The Story of Team Today

Today: Today we do everything in our power to win an Olympic medal.  If we don’t do it today it will never happen. 

Team: This is the effort of a team, not just the U.S. Ski Team, not just one individual, but the effort of the entireU.S. Ski Community.  We are a team oriented toward a specific, single goal: winning medals.

This is our chance.

Not in four years. 

Not next month. 

Not tomorrow.

But Today. 

Team Today and Think Racing

The athletes of the US cross-country team havedeveloped a fundraising project that will help them raise the level of their preparation in anticipation of the 2006 Torino Olympic Games and beyond. These increased measures of support will enable America’sbest skiers to win Olympic medals, and at the same time raise the level of cross-country ski racing in Americato new heights.

Think Racing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes and develops amateur endurance athletes for national and international competition, and the athletes of the US cross-country ski team have joined forces to create an independent fundraising program that will raise the standards of excellence and athleticism for the US cross-country ski team in preparation for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Games.