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WebSkis offers special rollerski packages

Thu, Aug  28, 2008 - By

For many years Pro-Ski rollerskis have been used by high-level cross-country athletes for ski-specific training in the summer and fall. The trusty C2 and C3 models have been the choice for classic skiing with the wide rubber wheels and the ratcheted rear wheel. The newer Roadline Tech is designed with a smaller ratcheted wheel in the front. This helps foster better technique as it requires the skier weight on the ball of the foot when initiating the kick phase.

For skate ski training the two Pro-Ski models most in use are the S2 and the S5E. The S2 rolls on small (wheel diameter: 70 mm; wheel width: 30 mm), fast wheels that are suitable for smooth pavement surfaces. The S5E has taller, narrower wheels (wheel diameter 100 mm; wheel width 23 mm). These roll more smoothly on rougher surfaces and “chip seal” pavement.

Skiers who have smooth surface loops to train on have been asking the people at Pro-Ski to develop an S2 style ski for classic skiing. That rollerski is now available. Called, logically, the S2 Classic, it sports the same fast urethane wheels at its skate ski cousin.

Mike Muha reviewed the S2 skate ski in an article on his website.
The S2 Classic would be an excellent choice for the skier desiring an easier rolling ski for those long double pole workouts, especially up hill where the C2 or C3 would have much more resistance.

Now, at the height of the roller ski season, is offering a special discounted rollerski package. Skiers often use their old boots for roller skiing in the summer. The problem with this is that older boots are usually pretty well worn out. The soles are soft and the support at the ankle for skate skiing is less than perfect. The very nature of roller skiing begs for boots with more control.

Alpina has developed a rollerski specific boot that is lighter and cooler than winter ski boots.The classic model is cut low like a tennis shoe and the skate version has an open upper with a sturdy, light titanium cuff.



The classic package includes Alpina classic rollerski boots, Pro-ski classic roller skis, NNN R3 classic bindings and free binding mounting. This $697 value is being offered for $550. The skate ski package includes Alpina skate rollerski boots, Pro-Ski skate skis, NNN R3 skate binding and free binding mount. This $772 retail value is offered at $600. is offering this package until Labor Day Weekend.

Monday, September 8, 2008 will be the last day to order this special package. Skiers can check out the equipment at Orders for rollerski packages can be placed on-line. Simply select each item in your package and check out. We will discount the price of your package accordingly prior to charging your card. Or simply call and ask for Bert to get set up for some excellent rolling in late summer and fall.