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Big changes to Michigan Cup calendar for 2010-2011

Tue, Aug  17, 2010 - By Mike Muha

There have been several notable changes to the Michigan Cup race calendar for 2010-2011:

Garland Resort drops out of the series

Garland Resort's new management wants to focus on their touring skiers this winter and asked to drop out of the Michigan Cup schedule at least for this season. We will certainly miss the excellent job Garland has done in the past.

Race shuffle to new dates:

With Garland Glide / Garland Grip weekend open, the Michigan Cup Committee started shifting around schedule at the request of race directors:

  • The Black Mountain Classic asked to be moved earlier in the season so the waxing would be less difficult and snow more reliable. The race has been moved to February 19.
  • Boyne Mountain asked to be added to the schedule after a long absence from the Michigan Cup. Boyne Highlands gave up one of their races to the Mountain; Boyne Mountain will hold their event on Saturday, February 26. Style (class or freestyle) and distance have yet to be determined. (Note: this race conflicts with the North American Birkebiener).
  • Hanson Hills asked to separate the Cote Dame Marie Loppet and the Hanson Hills Classic into separate weekends. The Cote de Marie will move to Saturday, January 22, while the Hanson Hills Classic will be run on Sunday, February 20.
  • Mike Muha dropped the Michigan Cup Sprints at Hanson Hills from the schedule so he could focus on promoting races in southeast Michigan and because the date conflicted with the Vasa Sprints in Traverse City. The Sprints (or some other race) may show back up the day after the Frosty Freestyle, however.
  • Bob Frye hoped the Michigan Cup Relays could be moved a little earlier in the season. The Michigan Cup Committee was able to schedule the Relays for Sunday, March 6, the day after the Boyne Highlands Freestyle.

Open weekends

There four Sundays open in the schedule that can be used for postponed races or for new races. Mike Muha is hoping to find a venue in southeast Michigan for a Sunday race following Saturday's Frosty Freestyle.

See the full 2010-2011 Michigan Cup Race Series Calendar.