Last two days

Trail reports from ALL regions

Thu, Mar 22: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

I shored up the thin spots this evening thanks to the shovel and forgotten buckets. It will be skiable Friday and hopefully Saturday!! Conditions are ~90% skate width coverage with a the remainder shoveled snow 1-2ft wide. A few icy spots but able to edge easily most of the loop. Have to walk to the woods, but it's worth it! Leave the A skis and fluoros at home.

- Make Skiing Great Again

Thu, Mar 22: Valley Spur (Munising)

The Valley Spur trail was in excellent shape being freshly groomed today for skating and a very good classic track. They have a solid 18 inch base and they plan on doing consistent grooming into April. With nighttime temps in the teens and daytime temps in the low 30’s under bluebird skies it is well worth the trip.

- Steve Seager

Thu, Mar 22:  ()

Skied Thumb Lake this afternoon. Good snow cover for skate or classic. Thumb lake is located on Thumb Lake Rd. off M131 between Boyne Falls and north Vanderbilt. Stopped to check Deer Lake behind Boyne Mtn. and the snow there was even better skiing than Thumb Lake. Will ski Deer Lake tomorrow ( Friday) and if the snow is still good let's do a flash ski event on Deer Lake this Saturday. Will check with Boyne Mtn. to get parking lot permission. Check back tomorrow for more info/details on Saturday or call me at 231-675-2253. Hap Wright

- Hap Wright

Thu, Mar 22: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

Just skied the loop, better than expected, and I got a free shovel and bucket. Not bad.

- Thirsty

Thu, Mar 22: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

Trail was okay at one. Buckets helped with bridging a few gaps. I forgot my buckets there. Roger helped haul some snow around. The loop lives!

- Allen Sorgenfrei

Thu, Mar 22: Hiawatha Highlands (Sault Ste. Marie)

Spring like conditions!!! Our trails are holding up great! Skate Lanes have been freshened up on the Pinder System and the 2k. The Groomer is headed to the Crystal System...Red Pine system was freshened up yesterday. Groomer plans to freshen classic and skate lanes tomorrow...welcome to spring skiing...enjoy!!

- Tina Bowen

Thu, Mar 22: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)

Forestville Real Grooming Report: Bob went out last night and cleaned the skate lanes on Animoosh/Noque’ to the pine plantation as well as Chiwagi via the hill by pass. I have not been on the trails all week so would appreciate some first hand comments to pass along.

As the season winds down there is still some of the best skiing of the year. However, we do need to begin some schedule changes as spring approaches. Now, with daylight savings time, there is far less need for the lighted loop so the lights are now off for the season.

The volunteer appreciation day is scheduled for April 15th. All skiers and volunteers are encouraged to attend. It is always great fun. It looks like you will be able to begin the day with a ski and return to the trail head to see your favorite volunteer vetted or roasted as the case may be.

SPECIAL NOTE TO SKIERS; Gookookoo, Papasay and the connector from Hemlock Junction to the point where Migizi and Bagwaji meet will be closed for the season effective today: The majority of our trail system is on commercial forest land. The land owners allow NTN to use them for ski trails but every 10 to 15 years they harvest some trees. This year they are logging west of the trail head beginning at the power lines. As the logging operation moves west, other trails will be effected. The loggers are working with NTN to keep trails open as long as possible.

Now for some nitty gritty details for skiers like me that dearly love to ski Bagwagi and Chiwagi. They are still open via Migizi! So, you get an extra two hills in your ski! Go out the Noque 1k past the power lines. Take the first right onto Migizi after the hill at 11k. At the bottom of the hill turn left onto Bagwagi and enjoy for now.

Please give the loggers a wide berth. They are doing difficult and dangerous work. If you come upon any logging equipment in the woods, please stay away. It is both expensive and dangerous. One of the reasons our land owners allow ski trails is the help we can provide by making their job easier. Please help us in that mission. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We should all know, without commercial forest operations we would have no ski trails. So, if you see a logger or forester, say “thanks”.

Saux Head: Trails are groomed when time permits. Saux Head trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing. The trails are spectacular with great hills as well as rolling terrain. The views are beautiful and overlook Superior and Saux Head. Today and the weekend look to be great days for Saux Head. If you have not skied them you don’t know what you are missing. Please go today, tomorrow or Sunday. The trail head is located 15 miles west of Marquette just off Co Rd 550; follow the signs.

Fit Strip: The Fit Strip is groomed as time permits.

Big Bay Pathway: Trails are groomed when time permits. Meditation is not open at this time due to logging. Bear Mountain, Ridge Line, and Hidden Grin are groomed and excellent.