Last two days

Trail reports from ALL regions

Tue, Mar 20: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

Skied bucks at 2:30. Bare spots to dodge. A lot of debris at top of the hill. Just skied from start in woods to hill and back several times. This area is still in good shape and should be ok tomorrow and maybe next day for any desperate for a little last ski.
Thanks to all at Huron Meadows for all you did this winter. We had a great ski season this year!

- Mike Hultman

Tue, Mar 20: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

Skied at noon, just right. Trail is still good, three place are getting narrow. I fixed them a little, some shovel work will keep the loop intact a few more days. Still a lot of good trail, it might just not be a loop after tomorrow.

- Allen Sorgenfrei

Mon, Mar 19: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)

The crew at Nubs keeps crushing it. The laid fresh corduroy and tracks today and the skating was some of the best of the year this evening. Wicked fast with full control. Skate lane is almost midwinter perfect all the way around on the upper loops. Track is thin to pretty marginal on some sections.

- ZJ

Mon, Mar 19: Black Mountain (Onaway)

Sunday's thaw at Black Mountain has created icy conditions on the groomed trails throughout the system, so skiers should use caution. There is a few sporadic bare spots and leaf debris, but the system is still doable for careful skiers. The trails are icy fast in most areas. Skiers should avoid the upper P.I. track between posts 18 (by the County Line trailhead)-16. Due to the increased sun exposure in the areas of the DNR clear cuts, the trail has prematurely deteriorated to mostly bare ground. The rest of the system is mostly intact, with more snow depth in the lower P.I. and dense evergreen tracts. The temperatures are predicted to stay below freezing this week.

- Jim Soubly

Mon, Mar 19: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

Skied buck's run today. Sun has taken its toll on the trail. You have to walk out to the woods. I was able to ski all the way around the whole loop. Several bare patches appearing. By tomorrow you won't be able to ski all the way around. Probably only able to ski from beginning of woods to big hill and back.
No other snow left on golf course for crust skiing.

- Mike Hultman

Mon, Mar 19: Hiawatha Highlands (Sault Ste. Marie)

All trails groomed today and still in great shape for spring like skiing!! No new snow but still grooming with the Bully good firm tracks and firm clean skate lanes.

- Gil Edwards

Mon, Mar 19: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)

Oh my! Such a wonderful day to ski and the trail was still pretty darn good. I wanted to start at the Rock but worried about the road in that did not look plowed so turned around and started at the Single Track. I was trying to avoid some of the areas around Timber ridge and at the Trailhead as they were getting quite thin and chewed up when I got out on Friday. Well, Rileys from the lot to Timberridge was marginal but skiable. Timberridge to power lines was great, took off skis and walked across powerlines, then it got pretty chewed up, warm day skier and dogs made it feel more like Burchfield in Lansing but definetely skiable. Then Rock towards wall was fabulous!!!!!!! Dogs gone, still groomed, lovely day, plenty of snow and control. Heaven on skis!!!! Get out and enjoy. If you have 4 wheel drive start at the rock!!!!

- Linda Susan Weeks

Mon, Mar 19: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

We had a great weekend of skiing, but the afternoon high temps and sun have taken their toll on the trails. The only contiguous snow-covered trail is about 1.7km of the John Deere Loop, which does have icy spots. Tractor Bob is out there with the Tractor and Pre-seeder this morning grinding up the icy spots so that we can still provide a fun and safe ski trail. Bob will begin with the flat section (about 1km) and will have that section ready by noon today. Depending on his results, he may or may not continue with the hillier sections of the Loop.

Stop in for lunch and shopping! The Stone Turtle Cafe is still open, serving chili and panini every day. The March Madness Sale is in full swing, with 30-40% most clothing and winter boots, and big sales on skis and boots. We will be open every day with normal hours until April 1st, Easter Sunday, when we will be closed. After April 1st we will be open by appointment, or anytime you see the Open flag out. If we get a major snow event, we will groom and reopen if possible!

- Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne & the crew