Last two days

Trail reports from ALL regions

Mon, Jan 15: Muncie Lakes Pathway (Traverse City)

Tracks were shallow, but quite usable. Note that the snow on the shore of Muncie Lake (at sign post #6) is deceptive--there is no base, and our skis went down to the frozen sand. (We like to go along the shore and avoid the down-hill curve challenge of that trail section.) The snow was on the fast side. We did a fair bit of snow plowing to control speed on downhills. But overall, we had a good ski and had a good workout.

- Ralph Krug

Mon, Jan 15: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

Skied classic on buck's run again today. Trail was groomed this morning. Tracks are shallow, but still good. Skating also looked good today.
Get out before the warm weather and rain.

Thanks again for all those at Huron Meadows for keeping the trail going.

- Mike Hultman

Mon, Jan 15: Hanson Hills (Grayling)

Trails are still closed at Hanson Hills. We have received a light dusting of new snow overnight, and are predicted to receive possibly an inch throughout the day today. I am hopeful that with the marginal base that we currently have now, and a few inches of snow that we will be able to reopen. Please be patient as we beg mother nature for some new snow.

Cote Dame Marie: As of right now, we are doing everything in our power to hold the Cote Dame. Any race related decisions/modifications/cancellations will be made Wednesday morning.

- Justin Andre

Mon, Jan 15: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

Yesterday was a very productive day for Trail Doctor Bob. He completed spreading snow with the new Snow Spreader along the 1.5km John Deere Loop, used the pre-seeder to smooth it out, and then Ginzu snow combed it late yesterday afternoon. The results are fantastic! The skating lane is plenty wide, although the snow is not quite deep enough for classic tracks yet. Using “A” skis is fine as long as you watch for the couple of slightly thin spots. The John Deere Loop is comprised of the main trail vein, and part of the Rolling Hills trail. Our plan is to continue expanding the trail throughout the day today to make it even longer. We have a large stockpile of manmade snow and will continue to make snow when needed. We received a dusting of now overnight, and are forecast to receive more throughout the day today as well. To summarize, skiing is encouraged on the 1.5km loop, as well as the Practice Area. Snowshoeing is still of course a great way to get outdoors today, too!

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- Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Fran, Matt, Kelsey, Alex, Dodge, Kim, Missy, Annie J., Annie B., Denny, Erin, Mike, Dana, Butch, Brian and the crew