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How to train for cross country ski racing

Milan Baic's Pre-Vasa Clinic: Session 3

3/6/2004 - By Bob Eifler

Milan Baic's racers spend the clinic learning about what to do in the days leading up to the race, race day preparation, and how to have a good start...,

Milan Baic's Pre-Vasa Clinic: Session 2

2/8/2004 - By Bob Eifler

We spent about 45 minutes on a hands-on waxing session, with Milan demonstrating and each of us prepping our skis. Then it was snow time.,

Milan Baic's Pre-Vasa Clinic: Session 1

2/3/2004 - By Bob Eifler

December 29 was the first of three Monday night pre-Vasa clinics given by Milan Baic at Timber Ridge in Traverse City. The audience was as targeted – mostly inexperienced racers, with a few grizzled veterans.,

Getting in the Zone!

6/24/2003 - By Mike Muha

John Aalberg explains what training zones are used for and how to compute them. We then run a max heart rate test so we can figure out our zones. Several people are surprised by what the test reveals!,

The Early Morning Anaerobic Group

6/19/2003 - By Jamie Mannion, M.D.

Need to balance family life with training? Thirteen years ago I started the Early Morning Anaerobic Group. We have evolved from three biker/skiers to a group of 20 who meet regularly at 5:00 or 5:30 most mornings to rollerski, ski, bike, or run.,

A Training Log for Your, With a Point of View

5/26/2003 - By Mike Muha

Here's a weekly and yearly training log you can use to record your workouts. There's a definite point of view to this log...see if it fits your needs.,

VO2 Max Norms

6/16/2001 - By Mike Muha

This table shows what's considered Low, Somewhat Low, Average, High, and Very High maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 Max) in ml/kg/minute, by age and gender.,

Body Fat Norms

6/16/2001 - By Mike Muha

This is simply a table that defines what's considered Ideal, Good, Moderate, Fat, and Obese, by age and gender.,

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