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Cross Country Ski Training News and Tips

Theory and Philosophy of Training
Theory and Philosophy of Training

Theory and Philosophy of Training

3/18/2011 - By efbkhpo

When planning training the emphasis should not be on what you will do, but rather how your body and mind will react to what you do. The goal is not to fulfill training, but to elicit a positive adaptation in your body and mind through training.,

Ski wax chemicals can build up in blood
Ski wax chemicals can build up in blood

Ski wax chemicals can build up in blood

3/16/2011 - By huubqscxmm

The extra speed provided by ski wax comes at a cost - perfluorochemicals., , , , , ,

Technique Tune-up Saturday at XCHQ

3/10/2011 - By Bob Frye

Sign up for "Technique Tune-up Saturday"; Honing various technique skills and making you more efficient. Ski Instructor Lou Awodey will be available for lessons all day Saturday. Just call 800-832-2663 and reserve you lesson time.
View the Birkie Live!
View the Birkie Live!

View the Birkie Live!

2/25/2011 - By saqqnnjokb

Live video stream from the Birkie! The player will show a preview and history of the Birkie now, until the race is ready to start. , , , , , , , ,

Ice Baths

2/24/2011 - By SkiPost

How long and in what situations are ice baths most appropriate? I tried and found that 15-20 min ice bath really helped my legs after struggling for 10 days to recover from a 50K race.

A Workout Ate My Marriage

2/2/2011 - By Kevin Helliker

With exercise intruding ever-more frequently on intimacy, counselors are proposing a new wedding vow: For fitter or for fatter. "Exercise is getting more and more couples into my office," says Karen Gail Lewis, a Cincinnati marriage and family therapist.

Foot-body alignment, orthotics, and exercises

1/24/2011 - By Brian Gregg

During the push-off phase of skate technique, I have a tendency to roll my knee right knee down and toward the centerline, creating an angle that strains the inside of the knee. Would a custom footbed with a reinforced arch help with knee tracking?

Touching tails

1/21/2011 - By Caitlin Compton

"I am new to skate skiing, it seems my the tails of my skis are always touching especially on climbs. I have become frustrated with skating, it seems I am working too hard. Any advice as to how to help with technique?"

Fast downhill turns
Fast downhill turns

Fast downhill turns

1/14/2011 - By Holly Brooks

No matter how much I bank it, my downhill ski want to jump out of the track. I don't see top level racers having this problem. They must know a secret technique. What is the answer?

Ski and Snowshoe clinic in Ann Arbor tonight

1/13/2011 - By Lindsey MacDonald

Excited about this snow, but don't know what to do with it? Or, are you an avid skier looking to hone some technical skills? Come learn cross-country skiing and snowshoeing basics and beyond.

PSIA lessons and testing on Jan 22-23

1/13/2011 - By Amy Powell

PSIA skier workshops, instructor training, exam prep and exams with Lou Awodey & Eric Davidson at Timber Ridge Resort. Registration deadline: January 14.

Starting tonight: "MeSki" intermediate and advanced skier coaching

1/10/2011 - By Mike Muha

Coach Eli Brown is offering free coaching every Monday night at 8:00pm at Timber Ridge Lodge in Traverse City until the North American Vasa.

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